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A Versatile Solution

to a worldwide problem

Around 1.2 BILLION people - more than the population of North
and South America combined.

That’s the approximate number of migraine/ headache
sufferers all over the world.

If you have ever experienced a migraine headache, you surely know how horrible it feels, how much it complicates even simple daily activities.

Migraine is a heavy burden hundreds of millions of people worldwide carry every day. It brings not only physical pain but also a wide range of negative feelings, like frustration, anxiety, sadness.

A migraine attack is like a crouching beast - you never know when it assails, you just know it is somewhere there... And when it finally hits, most people can think of nothing but how to alleviate the pain even a little

So how
to beat
the beat?

Lay Down, Close Your Eyes
And Let The HeaEyes Massager
Do The Work

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It is equipped with a unique Smartpoint Technology that allows the combination of a new generation multi-frequency vibration massage, air pressure massage, and innovative thermal functions, which will act directly on tissue

With its advanced massage techniques, HeaEyes™ directly massages acupuncture points located around the eyes to loosen tension. Unlike many other products on the market today, thanks to the Smartpoint™ Technology, HeaEyes Eye Massager knows exactly how much pressure to apply and in what interval to help alleviate the pain quickly and efficiently.

How Does It Help
To Relieve The Headache

HeaEyes Eye Massager simply reduces
pressure on sensitive nerves around the eyes.

Use It For 15 Minutes And Watch
The Headache Drifting Away

This Is What HeaEyes

Can Do For You

Migraine & Stress Mode

Will help to alleviate nagging migraine pain and relieve stress

Relaxation Mode

Works to create for you a state of deep brain relaxation and provide a meditation-like experience

Sleep Mode

May significantly reduce insomnia and improve sleeping quality

Eye Fatigue Mode

Will soothe eye strain and dry eyes caused by staring at digital screens, reading, or sleeping

HeaEyes Eye Massager has already
helped thousands of people

“I bought this from an Ad I saw a few weeks ago. I never do that...ok...rarely. Anyways, it works. I suffer from migraines and the HeaEyes Eye Massager took my migraine away. Also, I spend a lot of time on a computer (probably why I get migraines...I know, right?), and using the HeaEyes Eye Massager helped so much. I would highly recommend this device.” Sharon

“I have been getting migraines with pregnancy. I wanted to find alternatives to painkillers. I bought this and my whole family loves it. It massages around your eyes and hits all of the pressure points in your temples. This is the perfect thing to do before bed you will sleep like a baby. I also think a fun side effect is it makes my under-eye more youthful-looking especially right now during allergy season when I usually get puffy!!” Levi

“I wish I bought one for every person I know that suffers from migraines. This mask is truly a lifesaver. I’ve been a migraine sufferer for years and this has been the first non-medical solution I’ve found. I enjoy my nightly baths wearing my mask. I have found I sleep better, have been getting fewer headaches and have less eye strain pain.” Irina

“I was a bit skeptical... BUT it really works. I went to bed with a migraine and I also can never get to sleep. This thing is magic. I don't even remember getting into bed and my migraine was gone in the am. HIGHLY recommend.” Santa

Why Should I Choose HeaEyes Eye Massager

Other Eye Massagers

ced SmartPoint Technology smart application of pressure

Combination Of Different Massage Techniques

Brain Stimulating Musical Frequencies

Long Lasting

90 Days Money-Back Guarantee

Immerse Yourself In A State Of Total Relaxation

HeaEyes Eye Massager was designed to bring you relief from pain, tension and stress
Not only it can help reduce the pain, but it provides a soothing,
relaxing experience. It is a gentle, natural treatment to a tired mind and tired eyes. This multitasking device gives you many different benefits in one eye massager.
With a single Eye Massager, you can replace your ice pack, heating pads, cucumber slices, tea bags, drugs, and massage therapists.
Just place it on your eyes, lay down comfortably and feel the pain drifting away.

Use It For 15 Minutes And Watch
The Headache Drifting Away

Frequently Asked Questions

HeaEyes can get rid of my migraine?

No HeaEyes cannot get rid of migraine, but it does provide a state of total relaxation and can help reduce the frequency of migraine attacks as well as prevent them.

Does it really work????

Yes, it works we have over than 69k happy customers who use it for their chronic headache. “ I have had it for several months now. It works almost every time. Even if the migraine isn't completely gone, It is so much better that I can function. Worth every penny! “ Mary Ann Block

My migraines are usually in the back of my head and my neck. How does it help these type of headaches?

HeaEyes creates a state of deep relaxation, and using our HeaNeck can perfectly help with this type of headache located at the back of the head, you can contact our customer support to give you the link with a discount code for HeaNeck.

Does it actually work on migraines, or just headaches?

HeaEyes works for all types of headache, Clinically proven to be effective in relieving tension headaches, sinus headaches, cluster headaches, post-traumatic headache (PTH), and other types of chronic daily headache (CDH).

Does it touch the EYELIDS?

HeaEyes will massage around the eye using light vibration and pressure but it won't touch the eyelids

Does this work for kids?

HeaEyes is designed to be used by adults and children over the age of 12.

How long does it take for my order to be shipped?

We Ship From Los Angeles with USPS, Estimated Delivery 4-6 days ( Due to the high demands the processing order may take 1-2 days more ).

Where are you located?

Heaeyes is headquartered in Paris, France and Wyoming, USA. Our warehouse is located in Los Angeles.


90-Days Risk-Free Examination= Don’t like within 90 days? We’ll refund with no questions, no quibbles,
that’s our 100% happiness-money-back guarantee.